Mountain Reflection
by Brenda Veland

Our membership includes serious beginners, advanced amateurs, and professional photographers of all genres. We have evenings dedicated to the viewing of images (traditional film and digital) and prints from members. Photographic skills are nurtured through judging, commentary, discussions, lectures and critique.

Prospective members are invited to attend meetings as our guests. A new member may join at that first visit just by filling out a short membership form and paying the membership fee. Guests are invited to submit an image - slide, print or jpeg (maximum size: 1050 pixels in either dimension) and have it judged, commented on and discussed by the group. For more in depth information please click on SPS Handbook.

New members may be hesitant to show their work, yet many of our photographers started out in Seattle Photographic with only a basic photographic understanding, and have gone on to sell their work and win numerous awards in regional and international competition.

Bylaws of the Seattle Photographic Society

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