"The Mists Of Time" by Steve Merrill "Storm Damage" by Mary Pease "First Date" by Jay Kuhn "Girl In Red" by Jay Kuhn "Water Lily" by Charlie Peterson "Double Wheel Reflection" by Sheri Diggins "The Start" by Charlie Peterson "Seastacks In The Mist" by Fran McCullough "Four Cylenders" by Brenda Veland "Snoqualmie Point Eclipse" by Diane Civic "Which Way Is Up" by Sam Ruljancich "Puyallup Fair" by Kathy Admire "A Quiet Place" by Richard Hamann "Wheel Reflected" by Jerry Dunbar "Bee Full" by Leia Smith "Harbor Seal Pup" by BrendaVeland "Falling Apart" by Ursa Davis "Something Different" by George Ferrara "Red and White Wheel" by Alicia Richards