2016-17 Year End Competion Slide Show (30 minutes, 700 mb):   Get Video

The galleries below are the high score and people's choice images
from the projected image nights. Click a gallery title to open.

"Resting" by Sam Ruljancich "Hothead" by Leia Smith "Glass Display" by Mary Pease "Trout Time" by ChrisTompkins "Stretching Out" by Sam Ruljancich "Orb" by Danika Pease "High Water on Yellowstone River" by Mike Livdahl "Calla Lily" by Margaret Paulk "Girl On train" by Sandy Swift "First Haircut" by Wolfgang Kluge "Arches" by Cos Anthony "In The Badlands " by Danika Pease "Monet's Japanese Bridge with Tourists" by Dave Preugschat "Bench With Green Leaves" by Margaret Paulk "Butterfly" by Jay Kuhn "The Line" by Brenda Veland