2016-17 Year End Competion Slide Show (30 minutes, 700 mb):   Get Video

The galleries below are the high score and people's choice images
from the projected image nights. Click a gallery title to open.

"Isabelle" by Chris Tompkins "UP UP and Away" by Sam Ruljancich "Moonset at Big Sur" by Jay Kuhn "Losing My Mind" by Sheri Diggins "Night Storm" by Sam Ruljancich "Perry Creek" by Del Young "Lofoten Islands" by Yuriy Garnaev "Cool Fall Night" by Chris Tompkins "Fall Kaleidoscope" by Lee Harper "Herbert" by Danika Pease "Fiddle Faddling With Bleak Winter Day" by Dave Preugschat "Dazzling New Day" by Bill Ray "Sunglasses" by Alicia_Richards "Enter Eclipse" by Steve Brown "Out the Front Door" by Lee Harper "Untitled" by Bill Ray "Front Door Feeder" by Dave Preugschat