2016-17 Year End Competion Slide Show (30 minutes, 700 mb):   Get Video

The galleries below are the high score and people's choice images
from the projected image nights. Click a gallery title to open.

"Purple Ornaments" by Michele Schuler "Winter Paddle Milky Way" by Diane Civic "Visitor in my backyard" by Leia Smith "Kubota Garden #14" by Danika Pease "Bay Koolaid" by Chris Tompkins "The Potter" by Fran McCullough "Olympic Panorama" by Bill Ray "Wave Watchers" by Jerry Dunbar "Dusk In Bruges" by David Bibus "Pool Art" by Julee Anne Jackson "Rescue" by Joe Bozick "Sunset in black and white" by Margaret Paulk "Machu Picchu" by Joe Bozick "Ablaze" by Yuriy Garnaev