2016-17 Year End Competion Slide Show (30 minutes, 700 mb):   Get Video

The galleries below are the high score and people's choice images
from the projected image nights. Click a gallery title to open.

"Burrowing Owl" by Brenda Veland "Darn Garage Door Opener" by Sam Ruljancich "Basilica of the Agony" by Joe Bozick "Ta Da" by Chris Tompkins "Squid Jigging on Xmas Eve" by Mike Livdahl "Color Raven" by Richard Singleton "Joshua Tree NP" by Jay Kuhn "Last Days" by Sam Ruljancich "Stars of the Clam Dig" by Diane Civic "Wolf Moon" by ChrisTompkins "Pumpkin Apocalypse" by Jay Kuhn "Balancing Snow" by David Bibus "Bald Eagle on Skagit" by Mike Livdahl "Charmed" by Michele Schuler "Winter Day Contemplation" by Lee Harper "A Rainy Night in Bologna" by Brenda Veland