2016-17 Year End Competion Slide Show (30 minutes, 700 mb):   Get Video

The galleries below are the high score and people's choice images
from the projected image nights. Click a gallery title to open.

"Layered" by Michele Schuler "Wishes on a Fountain" by Leia Smith "Serenity" by Lee Harper "Moth on Sagebrush" by Mary Pease "Great Blue Heron" by Margaret Paulk "Big Horn Sheep" by Bill Ray "Full Moon Before Eclipse" by Leia Smith "You Touch You Buy" by Sam Ruljancich "Wood Duck" by Mara Dyczewski "Divine Gesture" by Lee Harper "Mosque & Flame Tower" by John Lawler "Alki Storm" by Mike Livdahl "Poles Into The Distance" by Fran McCullough "Storm Over the Olympics" by Richard Singleton "La Push Sunset" by Brenda Veland "Collasped in the Palouse" by Julee Anne Jackson "City Hall" by Dennis John "Clearview Audrey Dahlia" by Alicia Richards "Salish Overlook" by Chris Tompkins "Fall" by Sam Ruljancich