"Projected Image of the Year- Fishing in the Fog" by Richard Hamann "First Place- Nature- Indian Pond Heron in Breeding Plumage" by Kathy Admire "First Place- Altered Reality - Engine 89 Back to Work" by Maurene Rutkin "Design- Staircase" by Kathy Admire "Frost/Snow- A Path in the Snow" by Brenda Veland "Originality- Escape" by Danika Pease "Travel- Korean Man" by Danika Pease "Second Place- Open-Turning Tail" by Brenda Veland "Third Place- Open-La Push Evening" by Bill Ray "Second Place-Nature- Pulsatilla" by Kathy Admire "Second Place- Altered Reality-Electrical Engineering Building" by Fran McCullough "Third Place- Altered Reality- Flowing Lines" by George Ferrara "Third Place-Nature-Tree Frog on Dahlia Bud" by Ginger Jeromchek "Macro-Frost Patterns" by Ginger Jeromchek "Honorable Mention- Altered Reality-Refelction on Glass Ball" by Mary Pease "Honorable Mention- Altered Reality- Barns Have Seen Better Days" by Sam Ruljancich "Honorable Mention--Altered-Reality--Moons" by Bill Ray "Honorable Mention- Nature- Blending In" by George Ferrara "Honorable Mention- Nature-Heron Hunting In The Duckweed" by Robert Rutkin "Honorable Mention-Nature-Sheep Mountain" by Bill Ray "Honorable Mention- Open- Alina and Baby" by Beverly McArthur "Honorable Mention- Open- Newport OR Aquarium" by Sam Ruljancich "Honorable Mention- Open-My Aunt at 95" by Diane Civic "Honorable Mention- Open- Floats" by Kathy Admire