Viewing the Sunset
by Fran McCullough
Falcon Inbound
by Bill Ray

Projected Image Night

Digital Images - must be in jpeg format and no more than 1050 pixels in any dimension. sRGB is the recommended color space. The file should be named as follows: Maker's name-Category-Title of Image.jpg. They should be emailed to the digital director no later than 2pm the day of the meeting or a limited number may be accepted at the meeting if they are properly sized and submitted on a USB flash drive (please include only the image(s) to submit on the digital media).

Slides (film) - are to be mounted in plastic, cardboard or glass with an outside dimension of exactly two in. (5 cm) square and no more than 1/8 in. (3 mm) thick. The slide must fit in a carousel tray or it will be rejected.

Projected Image Categories

A member may submit two images among the categories of Open, Altered Reality, or Nature.

Open Projection Category (digital or film): There are no restrictions on subject matter, technique, or type or amount of digital editing for this category as long as it meets the basic requirements for all submitted images –the image must be the sole work of the photographer and it must start as an actual photograph taken by the photographer.

Altered Reality Projection Category (digital or film): This category includes any image in which the subject has been altered to produce a special effect not found naturally. The final image is characterized by the originality and expressiveness of the maker to alter reality. The final image is no longer a natural, recorded-as-is subject and would not normally be viewed as a natural image. Any amount and type of digital editing is allowed, but the image must start as a photograph.

Nature Projection Category (digital or film): includes the world of living things and the outdoors. Nature and the natural world must be the center of focus (the subject of the image). Obvious man-made elements should be avoided. The Nature Division has restrictions on both subject matter and manipulation - no manipulation beyond Basic Manipulation is allowed.

Print Night

Prints - must be matted or mounted so that they can stand up on their own, but not framed or covered by glass. Each print must fit the following size restrictions:

All prints have a size restriction (including mat) of no smaller than 80 square inches (8x10) and no larger than 30 inches wide or 24 inches tall (to fit on our display board). In the case of multiple images, such as a triptych, add up the total number of square inches per print.

Prints will need a couple cards taped to the back for judging and comments. You can fill in and print these out ahead of time using this template Print Night Card Blanks.

Print Categories

A member may submit two images distributed among the categories of Small Color, Large Color, Small Monochrome, or Large Monochrome. A monochrome image is defined as an image with a single global color or tone, plus white. It includes traditional black and white images, sepia toned images, or images with any other single color.

Prints may be made using wet chemistry, printed using a home computer and printer, or commercially prepared. There are no restrictions on subject matter, technique, or digital editing, as long as the image meets the basic requirements for all submitted images.


The purpose of an assignment is to encourage technical and creative growth. These optional assignments are techniques or subject themes assigned by the SPS Board. It is preferable, but not necessary, that the images be made during the current competition year.

In the Print Division, if two prints are submitted on an Assignment night at least one (but only one) must be submitted as an Assignment. The other print may be submitted into any of the other regular Print Categories. Two non-assignment prints may not be entered.

In the Projected Division, if two images are submitted on an Assignment night both images may be submitted in the Assignment Category but only one may be designated for the Assignment. If only a single image is submitted into the Assignment Category it must be designated for the Assignment. However, unlike in the Print Division, a member is not required to submit an Assignment image in the Projected Division. Two non-assignment images may instead be entered into the other two Projected Categories.

Assignment schedule for 2017-2018:


For more on how these evenings are conducted, judging criteria and annual competitions please download
SPS Handbook.